is a story
to tell

Ever true to its original vocation, Custom Line has built a fleet of timeless yachts with a special focus on the bespoke.
A perfect combination of cutting-edge technology, ingenious functional solutions, and exquisite, unmistakable design, every Custom Line creation is a unique work of art.
Each Custom Line is a tailor-made boat that reflect the owner’s personality, their thirst for the horizon, their own way of living the sea. Every Custom Line yacht is a masterpiece with a unique story to tell.

Custom Line Excellence

Give free rein to your identity

Custom Line was founded in 1996 to create a range of yachts in composite materials individually made for highly demanding clients. The result is a fleet of planing boats and semi-displacement boats from 28 metres in length with an array of personalised solutions. The idea is to give free rein to the personality of those who love to experience the sea, wave after wave. Some people see a line on the horizon; we see a world ripe for exploration. Custom Line has been synonymous with pleasure yachts of supreme innovation, design and functionality for over two decades, with a seagoing fleet of over 250 boats worldwide.

Custom Line Excellence

is the art of
standing out

From purity of line to originality of character, the tell-tale signs of true personality.
With their aesthetics and design, Custom Line yachts speak volumes about those who sail them: every flybridge is a unique work of art, tailored to the tastes and style of each owner.

Custom Line Excellence

Riding the waves
in style.

The distinctive exterior and interior lines are the fruit of a partnership between some absolute masters of design and the yard’s own architects and project managers. The yacht is created piece by piece, in a constant dialogue with the owner family.

Custom Line Excellence

Wave after wave,
your way.

The sea is an exhilarating experience to savour, up close. That’s why Custom Line designs its interiors with a personal touch for consummate comfort. The exquisite selection of fine woods and finishes inform an interplay of lines, materials and furnishings with a truly distinctive hallmark.


State of the art
as signature

Every Custom Line yacht is a perfect blend of engineering and functional design.
The yard’s pioneering vocation has revolutionised the pleasure-boating arena. At the heart of this effort, the Ferretti Group Engineering department is a world-leading research hub that explores the new frontiers of engineering, design and the latest-generation materials.

Custom Line Excellence

Every detail
an experience.

Technology, beauty and comprehensive functionality meld into in a harmonious whole where nothing is left to chance.
Custom Line has transformed cruising into an increasingly exclusive, personalised experience, with innovations for superior stability and control, reduced rolling and a delightfully quiet ride.


the harmony
of the water

Where some people see technology, we see an unforgettable experience: shaping the water in a beautiful, mellifluous dance.
Custom Line yachts benefit from patents that elevate the sensation of cruising into an art form.


Where water
takes shape

Every Custom Line yacht begins her voyage well before she meets the water. It starts in the mind’s eye of her designer and continues in the masterly hands of those who bring her to life.
Each Custom Line yacht is built by skilled workers and specialist craftspeople working with pride and purpose every day to create the very finest boats, to create your Custom Line.

Custom Line Excellence

The space to create

Custom Line yachts are built entirely in our superyacht yard in Ancona, Italy. This is where water takes shape. Custom Line owns dedicated strategic facilities here, with the latest-generation tools for building semi-custom and custom-made yachts in composites across the entire Custom Line range and in alloy for other Ferretti Group brands, in a state-of-the-art 80,280-sqm shipyard.
Our multipurpose private marina looking east across the Adriatic has all the latest equipment. Its 23,000-sqm expanse of water offers 14 moorings for 24- to 100-metre craft plus five docks for fitting out and finishing pleasure yachts, including refit projects.

Custom Line Excellence

becomes inspiration

The yard is a space where Italian inspiration becomes pure innovation, where the future is no mere horizon of idle dreams. Here, where cruising becomes art, is where the Custom Line journey begins.

A journey that leads beyond the surface, beyond the superficial. A journey that starts with people – the artisans, the workers, the practitioners of the art of building the finest yachts. A journey as unique as the yachts and their owners. Because cruising is an art. The art of going beyond. The art of being different.


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