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Navetta 30

Beyond the line, the new dimension of design

The Navetta 30 is the new superyacht in the Custom Line displacement range that marries comfort and safety with personalisation and seaworthiness. Her groundbreaking design is bristling with the explosive energy of a true masterpiece, with a paradigm that defines the state of the art on a quest for absolute wellbeing for owner and guests. At 28.43 m long and 7.3 m in the beam, the Navetta 30 is ambitious in size but rides the waves with a gossamer elegance that speaks eloquently of liberty and grace.

The Navetta 30 goes beyond the line to inscribe an entirely new one: crisp, strong, a watershed, a line of no return

A living work of art that defies trends, confounds expectations and lays down a whole new language of design, a torchbearer for future generations of yachts.

Classic lines meet contemporary art in an endless harmony of fluidity and poise.

The names behind the design

Conceived in a collaboration between Ferretti Group’s Product Strategy and Engineering teams, the Navetta 30 is a displacement yacht of exceptional pedigree. She is the first Custom Line creation with external design by architect Filippo Salvetti and interior styling by architecture studio Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel.

Custom Line Navetta 33

Bursting into the blue

In the exterior design, the generous volumes balance beautifully with the exciting originality of the flowing, elegant lines. Their emphatic horizontal development lends the profile a decisive dynamic élan while maintaining the timeless classic feel. The hull lines extend this vigour to the bow, assuring enviable performance with enhanced fuel-efficiency. And the joints with the upper deck have been raised to add verve to the volumes and separate the bottom and superstructure into two distinct parts, united in an unmistakable harmony of design.

Space for the spirit

The Navetta 30’s wide-body configuration offers 3 decks – a major achievement for a yacht in this segment. This masterpiece of nautical art vaunts a spirit that is eager for the sea and generous external spaces that provide a haven for relaxation, contemplation and convivial good times.
With large windows in the hull, over 2 metres of deck headroom and ample areas at both stern and bow, the Navetta 30 embraces the horizon with a panoramic open vista stretching in all directions. The main deck and the lower deck with the VIP cabins become spaces for savouring the sensation of it all, immersed in the allure of the blue. The upper-deck lunch area is a paean to sociable living, as is the glorious large sundeck that opens up to the endless sky.

Custom Line 33

Amenity and aesthetics in perfect harmony

The interiors have been designed to play off the lines of the hull. The style innovations aboard the Navetta 30 include the ingenious accommodation solutions, allowing the interior and exterior to be experienced like complementary layouts that flow together in a coherent, well-structured continuum.
Everything is designed to maximise the usable space and make the areas as amenity-rich as possible.

Custom Line 33

Style, revived

The interior style provides a fresh, modern take on the traditional nautical archetypes.
Here too, the classical signature remains in the curved lines, the window frames and the use of teak but with a novel contemporary twist.
The aesthetic becomes dynamic, with new carbon details, sophisticated lacquering, striped fabrics in ultramarine, and customised textures with quartz powder coatings on fibreglass. It all contributes to a sporty-chic feel infused with the harmonious elegance of a great classic.

Custom Line 33

Exclusive furnishings

The furnishing solutions – exclusives to this yacht – are an integral part of her aesthetic style. They were tailor-made from natural leather and solid or multi-layer wood using sophisticated artisanal techniques. There is a choice of two moods: textured, for a fresher, more youthful flavour, and wooden, with a sharper, more classic feel where wood takes centre stage again.

Custom Line 33

Art and technology

Innovation is the defining theme on board the Navetta 30. The entire design is rated category CE, class A, with low consumption and best-in-segment performance.
But technology is also about cruising pleasure: the Navetta 30 features stabilising fins and optional seakeepers for consummate comfort while at anchor.
The unrivalled soundproofing has been achieved through mathematical analysis to measure every source of sound and the use of a floating floor to reduce engine noise and soften the footsteps in the guest areas.

Technical Specifications
28.43 [m]
93 ft 3 in
23.98 [m]
78 ft 8 in
23.91 [m]
78 ft 5 in
Max beam
7.31 [m]
24 ft 0 in
2.2 [m]
7 ft 3 in
Unladen displacement
115000 [kg]
253,532 [lbs]
Laden displacement
135000 [kg]
297,624 [lbs]
14500 [l]
3,830 [US gal]
2500 [l]
660 [US gal]
People on board
MAN i6 - 800 CR
Engine HP
Shaft line
Max speed
14 [kn]
Cruise speed
12 [kn]
900 [nm]
Crew cabins
3 standard
Bathrooms in crew quarter
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Navetta 30


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